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Strenx® performance steel fabrication can make your products stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive, and longer lasting.

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SSAB’s Strenx® guarantees include tight thickness tolerances, tight flatness tolerances, and consistent bendability. The tight thickness tolerances enable you to know the weight more precisely, allowing you to reduce your safety margins. Precise thickness within a plate and between plates makes for safe and predictable performance in the workshop.​
Plasma cutting and welding benefit from the narrow tolerances for optimized cutting speed. When metal forming, bending, and rolling you can use the same force and get the same spring-back from plate to plate.Read more

Strenx® 100

The high-strength, high-performance steel

Strenx® 100 is a structural steel with a minimum yield strength of 100 ksi. It meets the requirements of ASTM A514 Grade S. Typical applications include demanding load-bearing structures.

Strenx® performance steel can make your equipment and structures stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive, and more sustainable. We call it performance steel because it adds performance beyond ordinary structural steel.Read more

Strenx® 700

Searching for steel products with improved performance and less weight?

Strenx® 700 E/F is a high-strength structural steel with a minimum yield strength of 650-700 MPa depending on thickness. It’s stronger than carbon steel, so you need less material to achieve equivalent strengths. Strenx® 700 performance steel is the most competitive steel for cold-formed and welded steel for structural applications.

Strenx® 700 steel is used in the following equipment such as tippers and trailer chassis, cranes, construction and agriculture equipment. The real need is in load carrying structures that have high demands for lower weight. Strenx performance steels are used to save weight, increase the payload and increase the life of your equipment.Read more

Strenx® 900

High-strength steel grades for high-performing structural applications

Strenx® 900 is a group of high-strength structural steel grades with yield strengths between 830 and 900 MPa (120-130 ksi) depending on thickness, making them an excellent choice for transport, lifting, agriculture, and other load-bearing applications.

Strenx® 900 E: Superior toughness makes this suitable for strong and light chassis, cranes, agriculture equipment, and other load-bearing structures in a wide dimension range. Strenx® 900 F: Its extreme toughness in cold conditions is ideal for structures used in cold conditions. Strenx® 900 MC: Excellent thickness accuracy and surface quality for predictable performance in cold forming operations.Read more

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